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The Greatest Investment Is The One You’ll Make In Yourself

Hello Lovely,

Have you ever heard the phrase, "The best investment you will ever make is the one you make in yourself?" Yeah. Me too. That very phrase used to make me roll my eyes. Like, "Sure, sure it is." Almost like I didn't believe it. As if I knew what I was doing and I got this life thing all figured out (haha). Even more, I didn't understand what investing in myself meant. Little did I know then that my whole life would become one big investment into my own personal development that would later lead me to have the honor to serve others in this way. I have become a Spiritual Life and Manifestation Coach. Hindsight is funny like that and so is the Universe!

It doesn't matter who you are or what your work is in the world. I KNOW that investing in yourself, in your mindset, and in your personal development IS the best investment you can ever make. Not only for you, but for the people and world around you. More than in stocks, bonds or real estate, you ask? YES. No amount of money or financial gain will KEEP you fulfilled in the long run. At the end of your life when you look back on ALL of your experiences, the richness of being present and loving in your authentic expression, and fully awake in your power, purpose, and unlimited potential is what brings true wealth.

That type of wealth is a way of life and living that many people, including the ones that have a lot of money, have a challenging time attaining due to old beliefs and programming. We all get stuck, unmotivated, fearful of failing and sometimes event trapped in complacency. We get sucked into the victim story of our life instead of realizing/remembering that we are the creator. Please hear me when I say that it is normal to experience all of these emotions. But, I want you to know that you are NOT meant to stay stuck in them. You are not meant to get lost there. You are here to live the most epic life and sometimes it takes falling over to get you to invest in yourself. That is what happened to me. I knew I had more potential and I had no idea what was blocking it. I knew I had gifts to share with the world but I was terrified to put myself out there. I knew I had a voice, but didn't believe I was worthy for people to hear it. Frequently, my clients will tell me I am an inspiration to them. Don't get me wrong, hearing that brings me so much love and deeply warms my heart. I have a confession to make though... I am not an inspiration. I am proof that investing in yourself works. Doing the inner work, works. I didn't get to where I am today by doing nothing about it. I was fed up with my old stories and limiting beliefs. I have invested thousands upon thousands of dollars in courses, trainings, and coaches to CREATE myself as I am today. I would do it all again too. Investing in myself is priceless. Now, I am able to help others create who they want to be. I can confidently share my gifts and put myself out there to show people that it is safe to do the same! The fact that I trusted myself enough to take the leap to do all that is inspiring, but I am not an inspiration!

I am the fullest, loving, most authentic version of myself.

All Love,

Ashley Gordon

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"We're on a planet that somehow knows how to rotate on its axis and follow a defined path while it hurtles through space! Our hearts beat! We can see! We have love, laughter, language, living rooms, computers, compassion, cars, fire, fingernails, flowers, music, medicine, mountains, muffins!” 

-You Are a Badass, Jen Sincero

Really though, if the Universe can handle all of that, the universe can surely handle the details of your life!

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